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Tree Lopping Rockhampton

Tree lopping is a process that involves removing extra limbs or branches from trees, so if you have an old and overgrown tree, we can make it manageable for you. 


Whether you need a tree that’s blocking your solar panels removed safely or you have trees on your property that are interfering with its structure, we can provide an efficient and affordable service. 


Safe & Professional Tree Lopping Services

At Siteworks Contracting, we provide a complete arboriculture service including 

  • Regular pruning
  • Removing garden waste 
  • Tree lopping 

You don’t have to worry about hiring a skip, chipper or taking logs away from your property, we handle every step of the process. 


If you’re a company, individual or organisation in Rockhampton looking for tree management services, we can provide a complete solution that works within your budget. We pride ourselves on personal service, so if you need a tree management company, call our friendly team today about your project.


 Contact us today for a quote. We take on jobs in YeppoonGladstoneRockhamptonEmerald and beyond.

Siteworks Pick-up truck is parked at a worksite in Rockhampton
Removing a tree stump with a stump removal machine in Rockhampton

Our tree services

 Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best service to you. We provide a number of different services some include:  

A complete tree lopping solution In Rockhampton

At Siteworks Contracting, we’re proud to offer a wide range of affordable and efficient tree lopping services to our clients in Rockhampton and the surrounding areas. 


Our experienced technicians provide a range of specialist tree management services, including tree lopping, stump removal, pruning, landscaping and more. We pride ourselves on excellent service and professionalism and we are proud of our reputation for efficient tree lopping Rockhampton.

Arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw as part of the tree lopping service in Rockhampton
Closeup on chainsaw of an arborist sawing a tree — Siteworks Contracting in Rockhampton, QLD

Hire a professional tree management company in Rockhampton

Tree removal can be a complex and potentially dangerous task, so it’s essential that you hire a professional to handle it for you. 


At Siteworks Contracting, we use the very latest technology, and stringent health and safety precautions to make sure your project goes without a hitch. We have a variety of specialist tools and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 


All of our work is fully compliant with any relevant regulations and we are proud to have provided expert tree management services in Rockhampton since 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tree lopping cost?

At Siteworks Contracting, we pride ourselves on our affordable tree lopping prices, whatever your budget. For a personalised quote for how much your specific tree lopping project will cost, call 0418 838 266.


When do I need a professional tree lopping service?

Overgrown trees can block sunlight, affect your property’s structural security and potentially cause health and safety issues. If you are worried about a tree on your property, it needs to be handled as soon as possible by a professional arborist.

Do I need to deal with the trees you have cut down?

No, at Siteworks Contracting we will remove any stumps, logs or garden waste that has been created and leave your property clean and tidy. We also offer mulching services for an eco-friendly solution.

Arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw as part of the tree lopping service in Rockhampton
Tree lopping service in Rockhampton
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Tree Management

Got a tree that’s causing you a headache? Then call Siteworks Contracting. We provide a complete tree management service, including pruning, trimming, removal and woodchipping. We’ll even remove the stump when we’re done!