Stump Grinding Rockhampton

When you need stump grinding in Rockhampton, it’s time to call the team at Site Works Contracting. We offer fast, professional stump grinding across Rockhampton and the surrounding area. Instead of an ugly stump, we leave a flat, even surface that’s much easier to live with.

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What is stump grinding?

When a tree is cut down, due to old age, disease or simply being in the wrong place, the stump is usually left behind. Many property owners don’t want the stump sticking up in their garden or yard, but they also don’t want the roots dug out and the whole thing removed, as that would leave an enormous hole! The alternative is stump grinding.


Stump grinding involves using a special stump grinder or stump cutter machine. The machine has a circular blade that repeatedly chips into the trunk, gradually reducing it to ground level. Once the stump has been ground down, it doesn’t regrow. Over time, the roots will decay into the soil and the tree remains gradually disappear. The landowner is then left with a flat surface.

The wood chips that are generated by the stump grinding process can be taken away or used for garden mulch or in a wood-burning stove.

What are the advantages of stump grinding?

Stump grinding has several advantages, including:

  • Less chance of regrowth. A stump may start to sprout, creating unwanted foliage. In contrast, a ground stump won’t regrow – the remaining roots decompose back into the soil.
  • Removal of the stump reduces the risk of insect infestations. Stumps are an inviting habitat for all sorts of garden pests. Removing it helps to keep your garden free of unwanted grubs, beetles, termites and similar.
  • Stumps can be trip hazards, as well as look unsightly. Stump grinding leaves a flat surface that can be easily repurposed.
  • No disruption to the surrounding area. Unlike stump removal, the ground surrounding the stump remains intact.

Why use Site Works Contracting for stump grinding?

Our experienced, highly trained and professional team have the right equipment and skillset to not only do a good job of your stump grinding but also to complete the process quickly and safely. In the wrong hands, a stump grinding machine can be extremely dangerous. We risk assess at all times, prioritising the safety of our workers, you, and the other occupants of your property whilst we’re at work.

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, doing the best job we can every time. As trained tree surgeons, we can also advise on other issues that might affect the stump or the other trees in your garden. For example, if the stump belonged to a diseased tree, we can provide suitable advice to help protect other trees in the nearby area.

Can I carry out stump grinding myself?

Although it can be tempting to attempt a DIY stump grinding job, we strongly recommend hiring a professional. Stump grinding is dangerous work without the right skill set and equipment. We offer an affordable service, providing stump grinding Rockhampton people can depend on to give great results.

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