Tree Removal Rockhampton

There are many reasons for wanting a tree removed; some become dangerously overgrown, while others become victims of pests and disease.

Our experienced arborists at Siteworks Contracting, we perform all kinds of tree removals in Rockhampton. From tree lopping to stump grinding, we can remove and dispose of unwanted trees in a safe and responsible way. We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about tree care and maintenance. We want to help you get the best from your green space: whether that means pruning and maintaining healthy trees or carrying out tree lopping on damaged or overgrown trees.

Professional Tree Removals In Rockhampton

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and customer service. If you’re looking for professional tree removers Rockhampton, you can trust us to carry out your tree removal quickly and safely, paying respect to the surrounding environment and ensuring as little damage is done to nearby plants and trees as possible during our visit.

We put your priorities first. Call us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you to bring your green space vision to life. Our tree removal services are perfect for gardens, woodlands, and other outdoor spaces that are in need of a new lease of life.

Tree Lopping Vs Stump Grinding

Tree removal can refer to a few different services depending upon the exact service that’s required.


Tree lopping means removing extra limbs or branches from a tree and can sometimes be carried out when a tree is overgrown or damaged but is intended to be kept.


At other times, tree lopping may mean removing significant enough portions of the tree to effectively remove most of it.


In cases where a tree is required to be totally removed, we can carry out stump grinding, which is a safe and efficient way to remove the stump of the tree from your premises.


If you’d like to know more about tree removal, read our most frequently asked questions below or get in touch with us to ask any other questions you might have.

Can I Remove My Own Trees?

Unless you are a trained tree surgeon with professional equipment, no. Tree removal is an incredibly dangerous job, especially when performed without the proper skills and equipment. We carry out all of our tree removals in teams, with safety equipment in place to reduce the risk of harm to ourselves and the environment around us.

How Often Does My Tree Need Maintenance?

If you’re trying to lengthen your tree’s lifespan, you need to think about making sure it’s properly cared for. In most cases, this means semi-regular pruning and other professional maintenance. How much care your tree needs will depend on the species; generally, fruit trees will need to be pruned and looked after more regularly, up to once a year, while evergreens will need less-frequent care.

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If you’re looking for professional arborists in Rockhampton who can help you to tidy up your garden or woodland with professional tree removal services, call us today at Siteworks Contracting. We’re always happy to discuss new projects on the phone or share advice, guidance, and expertise.